Friday, April 28, 2006

Lawn Jungle

Learner and I took a whack at our jungle (lawn) in the backyard yesterday. Today, I continued. Whew! It is exhausting trying to mow down a massive two foot high collection of grasses and weeds. The yard isn't finished yet, but looks much better.

Hard work nothwithstanding, I love that our backyard is HUGE. I can't wait to fix it up and play croquet or put up a hammock or have a picnic! Yea!

Modesto: Not a Destination Town

I'm trying to round up my family for Mother's Day.

People may actually come to Modesto.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Free Cone Day

Today is Free Cone Day. For all those that live near a Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream shop, go enjoy!

I love free cone day, but alas, there is no B&J's here.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

TV Turn Off Week

Yeah, right.

Okay, I might try to cut back this week, but nothing is stopping me from watching Veronica Mars on Tuesday night. So there.

Hometown Cockroach

Don't eat at the Hometown Buffet in Modesto. Just don't.

I direct your attention to Learner's blog for the whole icky story.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Back in the to speak

After missing a few runs, I was back today with a 3 1/2 mile run! What a relief. The run felt great.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Hitch

I've been scouting a location for my home daycare business and it's perfect. Close enough to downtown, off a major street, near the freeway for Bay Area commuters, and next door to a gym with a big parking lot. The house has a good layout for indoor and outdoor play, lots of space, and separate living space for us.

There also seems to be an unlicensed daycare operating two doors down. What should I do?

The Californians

So if you blink, you miss me...and fifty other extras. I had to frame through a bunch of concert crowd scenes, but I found myself in the movie! I also found three of my friends (in a different scene) including my friend in casting who is listed in the credits.

I might have to buy this movie.

Monday, April 10, 2006

The Hilarity

Circa 2003, I was an extra in a little independent movie called "The Californians." For a couple of years, I checked imdb to see when this movie was going to arrive in theaters, or, at least, the video rental shacks. Then I gave up. But today I saw one of the stars on TV and checked again and...ta da:

  • My First Movie
  • Sunday, April 09, 2006

    3 miles...3 miles...7 miles!

    Another milestone. Woo. 7 miles felt great. I used water and gel for the first time today. I think it was helpful.

    Monday, April 03, 2006

    Beta Davis and Action Alpha

    Kitten Update

    I wrote the following for my creative writing class:

    When the kittens are bad, I remind them that we saved their lives. We rescued them hours before rainstorms hit our area and flooded the homes in Dry Creek. They reward us by scratching up our turquoise armchair and ripping apart our tissues, toilet paper, and paper towels.

    Beta is the cute one, which makes Alpha the unloved one. Beta is a fluffy, gray and white, green-eyed, little faced, adorable kitten. Alpha looks nothing like her; he has exotic Pharaoh cat markings in brown and black, slanted yellow eyes, and a long distinguished face. We are almost positive they are brother and sister, though. They were dumped together outside the courthouse where I work. They act like siblings, curling up together in a way that stranger cats just don’t. And they share one characteristic: six toes on each front paw. Kittens with opposable thumbs! They are like humans; they are extra-evolved. They are polydactyl.

    Okay, they are inbred.

    My boyfriend Learner loves Beta better. She follows him around. He must carry bacon in his pockets surreptitiously. Or she really likes the way he scratches her hindquarters.

    Cassie, our first houseguest, loved Beta better. We set up the foldout couch for Cassie with a warning that the cats might sleep on her head. They didn’t, as it turns out, but Alpha did put his face up to hers and stared at her while she slept.

    Alpha likes to jump on my back like I am a piece of climbing furniture, a stepping-stone to some countertop or upper window. Alpha can jump very high on his own, but he prefers to use me. Beta learned that she cannot follow Alpha everywhere he goes. Still, she doesn’t use me as a staircase; she sits patiently and looks cute and waits. I or someone else will always help her.

    Beta loves to curl up in people’s laps: my lap, Learner’s lap, Cassie’s lap. Alpha takes a couple of minutes to warm up to people. He might ignore people for even longer, but he gets jealous when Beta is picked up and carried around and cuddled. Since Alpha never gets picked up first, he purrs at the slightest encouragement. He purrs when I call his name, even before I pick him up.

    To be fair, the Vet likes Alpha better because Alpha is brave. Alpha takes his shots like a man. Alpha comes out of the cat carrier on purpose.

    Alpha might have survived the storms.

    Sudoku Master

    I am the "Easy as Pie" Sudoku MASTER.

    In other news, hello, my name is Anon, I am a Sudokuholic.