Saturday, November 08, 2008

good news

My blood pressure was good when I went to the doctor yesterday. After four months of not eating as well as I intended to, not exercising as much as I should have (but I did carry a lot of boxes of books up and down stairs for three weeks!), and being super stressed about house purchasing and house owning and house repairing, my blood pressure was completely normal at my appointment. Like 120/78 normal! Not 130/85, not so bad. Not 140/90 or 140/100 scary but still first level hypertension.

I guess deciding to let stuff go and carrying boxes of books was all I needed. Plus, breastfeeding. I think I've lost a few pounds from feeding the little (twenty pound) guy.

So, no medication for me and I can just keep trying to lower the salt in my diet and lose the rest of the baby weight in order to get even healthier. No meds!!! Yay!

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